Draft Detailed Procedures for SCUC, USD, and SCED at Regional Level (last date for comments: 20th Sep’23) - | - Stakeholder Consultation – Draft Detailed procedure covering modalities for first time energization and integration of new or modified power system element - | - “Stakeholder Consultation – Draft Procedure for Transfer Capability Assessment Methodology” - | - Stakeholder Consultation – Draft Procedure for Carrying Out Interconnection Studies of New Power System Elements - | - Quantum of GNAsh and GNAd as per CERC(Connectivity and General Network Access to the inter-State Transmission System)(First Amendment) Regulations,2023 - | - Detailed Procedure for Tertiary Reserve Ancillary Services (TRAS) - | - “ Seeking comments/suggestions of stakeholders on draft Procedures for implementation of CERC Sharing Regulations (First Amendment) 2023 Last date for Comments extended till 04th April, 2023” - | - Draft Procedure for Tertiary Reserve Ancillary Services – Last Date for Comments extended till 06th March, 2023 - | - GRID-INDIA invites comments/suggestions on the issue of increasing the frequency of REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) trading sessions on Power Exchanges from once in a month to once in a week. - | - CERC Directions in the interest of grid security, in pursuance of the provisions of the Electricity Act, 2003 and the provisions DSM Regulations, 2022 - | - Detailed Procedure for Estimation of the Requirement of Secondary Reserve Ancillary Service (SRAS) and Tertiary Reserve Ancillary Service (TRAS) at Regional Level - | - Awardees of POSOCO Power System Awards (PPSA)-2023- Click here! - | - Public Consultation - Draft Procedure on Allocation of Transmission Corridor for Scheduling of GNA and T-GNA Transactions - | - Detailed-Procedures-for-implementation-of-REC-Mechanism-in-compliance-of-CERC_REC_Regulation-2022